Benefits Of Long-Term RV Park Living

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Benefits of Long-Term RV Park Living

April 29, 2021

What are the benefits of long-term RV park living? After all, you are living on four wheels. When you can take your house anywhere, so wouldn’t you choose to stay on the road, 365 days a year? You would think that all full-time RVers were nomadic. In fact, there are plenty of benefits of long-term RV Park living.

What is Long-Term RV Park Living?

Also called stationary RV living, long-term RV Park living is when RV-ers stay in one place for longer than a few nights. Plenty of RV campsites offer this option. Typically, RVers will rent their campsite spot for a monthly fee.

Some people move on after a month, some people stay for a season, some people treat the campsite as their permanent home, and some people will use the campsite as a home base while taking short trips in the surrounding area.

Here at Waggin’ Tail RV Resort, we offer special rates for long-term stays!

The Benefits of Long-Term RV Park Living


Long-term RV Park Living Saves You Money

Long-term RV parking saves you money on the average cost per night for renting a site. Basically, the longer you stay, the cheaper it is per night. Sometimes, you may end up signing an agreement with the park to stay at a discounted rate. Just like with an apartment or house lease, you may still be on the hook for the total amount if you break the lease early.

You Get More Amenities at Long-term RV Parks

Long-term RV parks usually have more than the basic amenities. These luxuries include on-site laundry facilities, kitchens, and showers. It all adds up to be a more comfortable stay.

Things to Consider for Long-Term RV Park Living

How does the Long-term RV Park handle fees for utilities?

Each RV park will have different policies for utilities. Check to see if the park you are considering charges a flat rate for electricity and water or if it is based on use.

How does the Long-term RV Park handle mail?

The same goes for mail. Some parks can receive FedEx and UPS but no USPS. Others have mailboxes for each site. You can also look into third-party mail forwarding services. Getting a PO Box at the local post office can also be a good option.

What internet (if any) does the Long-term RV Park provide?

Most RV parks have WiFi as we do at Waggin’ Tail; however, each site may vary in signal strength. If having a consistent and strong internet connection is necessary, consider investing in either Wifi boosters or a portable hotspot deceive with unlimited data.

What hookups does the Long-term RV Park have?

Every RV park is different, so ask what sort of hookups are available. It will be easiest to stay long-term at a campsite with full hookups directly connected to water, electricity, and sewer.

In conclusion, if you are looking to downsize but not necessarily be fully nomadic, long-term RV park living could be the perfect balance for you!